Byebyeblues (揮別憂鬱)-薑味伯爵巧克力
Earl Grey Ginger Chocolate


The chocolate mousse is a break from the traditional flavour combination. Although the chocolate mousse has fresh ginger puree, it does not have a choking ginger flavour, but a special aroma combined with the chocolate. The middle layer is filled with Earl Grey tea and chocolate ganache. The base of the cake is made with an almond sponge cake body and a passion orange sauce to add a touch of freshness to the rich chocolate body, and is finished with a chocolate macaroon.


店家名稱: Byebyeblues (揮別憂鬱)

店家電話: 2218165

店家地址: 台南市中西區忠義路二段67號



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