Byebyeblues (揮別憂鬱)-提拉米蘇

那就是— #marsalawine #瑪莎拉酒
但bye bye blues 只想將最在地的美味帶來台灣,於是自己進口Curatolo Arini酒莊的瑪莎拉酒,希望將義大利傳統美味原汁原味的呈現給大家。

This standard dessert with finger biscuits, espresso, MASCARPONE and Karuwa coffee liqueur has a little known secret …. The wine used in a real tiramisu is not actually a Karwa coffee liqueur, but a Marsala wine from the city of Marsala in Sicily, Italy, which has a unique flavour of dried fruit, honey and nuts that goes perfectly with the tiramisu. So why is it that most recipes use coffee-infused liqueurs? The reason is simple: there are no agents in Taiwan who import Mashallah, which means that it is not available and has been replaced by Kahlua. But bye bye blues only wants to bring the best of local flavours to Taiwan, so it imports the Curatolo Arini Maserati itself, hoping to bring the traditional Italian flavours to you in their original form.


店家名稱: Byebyeblues (揮別憂鬱)

店家電話: 2218165

店家地址: 台南市中西區忠義路二段67號



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