Zai Fa Hao

Passed down from generation to generation, adhering to the spirit of inheritance for more than 100 years is the best portrayal of theIr heritage. The rice meat dumplings are rich in stuffing, tender and delicious dumplings served with fragrant and slowly braised meat sauce with the glutinous rice fully absorbing the bamboo leaf’s flavor. The aroma is very satisfying and taste is flavorful. It’s not simply a rice dumpling, it’s the historical ambiance and human spirit that makes it uniquely special and comforting.

Monday 10:00–20:00
Tuesday 10:00–20:00
Wednesday 10:00–20:00
Thursday 10:00–20:00
Friday 10:00–20:00
Saturday 10:00–20:00
Sunday 10:00–20:00

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