Wang jia Smoked Lamb

The deliciousness comes from grandma’s craftsmanship, continuing the traditional of an old school smoking method and using the farm’s pure natural free-range sheep with meaty bones, plus 13 kinds of exclusive Chinese herbal medicines and rice wine. Sealed with clay on the outside, the lamb meat is put in an aged pot simmered slowly cooked by the heat of roasting the outter shell of the rice. The meat is very sweet, firm and has a great chewiness to it. If you eat a bowl every winter, you will forget how cold it is in winter.

Monday 11:00–18:00
Tuesday 11:00–18:00
Wednesday 11:00–18:00
Thursday 11:00–18:00
Friday 11:00–18:00
Saturday 11:00–18:00
Sunday 11:00–18:00

南屏休閒農業村 王家燻羊肉(田媽媽班) (