Shian Jeng Shrimp Bawan

Tainan’s unique “steamed” shrimp meatballs are handmade. The shrimp meatballs in the steamer are translucent and shiny. The outer skin is soft and glutinous. The pork and whole shrimp fillings are very savory and delicious topped with spicy garlic paste. It is not greasy at all and the taste is refreshing. The sauce is also a unique recipe and a specialty of the restaurant. If you’ve never tried this famous Tainan delicacy, this has to be included on your short list.

Monday 10:30–20:00
Tuesday 10:30–20:00
Wednesday 10:30–20:00
Thursday 10:30–20:00
Friday 10:30–20:00
Saturday 10:30–20:00
Sunday 10:30–20:00

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