Shang Hao Chih Beef Soup

From as early as 4:00 a.m, it is both a late-night snack and a breakfast. There will be a crowd of people in line as soon as the restaurant opens. At 3:00am every day, the freshly butchered beef will be delivered directly and the big bone soup will be simmering and sweet, full of flavor and the beef is as fresh and tender as it gets. Beef cheeks are tender and the briased pork marinade is boiled together with pork skin, peanuts, and brine, giving off a unique aroma and flavor.The best thing is that the braised pork rice is all-you-can-eat which is super value!

Monday 03:00–11:30
Tuesday off
Wednesday 03:00–11:30
Thursday 03:00–11:30
Friday 03:00–11:30
Saturday 03:00–11:30
Sunday 03:00–11:30