No Name Lamb Soup

Tainan residences all know that there is an old-fashioned mutton soup hidden in the large food market on Guohua Street. It is fresh and has no strong mutton smell. Because there is no sign and the name of the restaurant is called “unnamed mutton soup”, people who have eaten it must have been referred. This mutton soup that has been in demand for more than 50 years has been changed to a new location. What has not changed is the original taste of the good old days. If you still remember the taste of those years, remember to try it, and it will definitely make your memory reappear.

Monday 05:30–13:00
Tuesday off
Wednesday 05:30–13:00
Thursday 05:30–13:00
Friday 05:30–13:00
Saturday 05:30–13:00
Sunday 05:30–13:00

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