Lao Tseng Lamb

It has been in business for more than 50 years and is on the short list of many Tainan locals. The freshly stir fried mutton with Chinese broccoli is tender and delicious and the slightly sweet satay sauce taste emphasizes that this is one of the most authentic flavors of Tainan. Intimately, there are also “Dan Ggui” dishes that you want to enjoy as a supplement in the winter. After drinking a bowl of the mutton soup made from Chinese herbs and traditional flavors in the cold winter, your heart and stomach will be warm and comfortable thought out the winter.

Monday 10:00–23:00
Tuesday 10:00–23:00
Wednesday 10:00–23:00
Thursday 10:00–23:00
Friday 10:00–23:00
Saturday 10:00–23:00
Sunday 10:00–23:00

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