Kaiyuan Road No Name Milkfish

It opens at 5:00am in the morning so get there early to avoid the line. Daily fresh milkfish belly, fish balls, and fish skin wrapped in a thin layer of fish pate are served. You can choose to mix and match including the most sought-after fish innards which are limited daily. There will be a line so be proactive. Fangzheng’s bright, rich braised pork rice and then a bowl of combonation soup (fish skin + fish maw + fish balls), this will make you addicted to milkfish after this meal.

Monday 05:20–13:30
Tuesday 05:20–13:30
Wednesday 05:20–13:30
Thursday 05:20–13:30
Friday 05:20–13:30
Saturday 05:20–13:30
Sunday 05:20–13:30

開元路無名虱目魚 (facebook.com)