Dayong Street No Name Congee

All the meals in the restaurants are extremely affordable especially the price of the signature salty porridge. Milkfish and oysters are not only given in large quantities, they are cooked to the right degree of doneness. The essence and delicate taste are locked into the soup. Rice with delicious soup, celery and garlic crisps extenuate the flavor and It tastes quite refreshing and sweet. It is a great meal for a hearty breakfast. It’s a simple and delicious salty porridge which makes people who get up early to enjoy this meal feel more energetic.

Monday off
Tuesday 04:00–13:30
Wednesday 04:00–13:30
Thursday 04:00–13:30
Friday 04:00–13:30
Saturday 04:00–13:30
Sunday 04:00–13:30

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