Bao An Lu Migao

Bao An Lu Migao, which has been in existence for more than 60 years, the glutinous rice has a relatively soft and moist texture. The textured glutinous rice is topped with soy sauce-flavored dried pork jerky. After adding the salty fish jerky and glutinous rice, the glistening rice cake is covered with a very popular flavored meat sauce. The sweet and salty marinated sauce has distinct local ingrediates and is extraordinarily flavorful. The peanuts are soft and fragrant and the pickled cucumbers to cut the grease are really just perfectly match.

Monday 10:00–22:00
Tuesday 10:00–22:00
Wednesday off
Thursday 10:00–22:00
Friday 10:00–22:00
Saturday 10:00–22:00
Sunday 10:00–22:00

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