A Hsing Congee

A Hsing Congee has been operating in the local area for more than 60 years and has been a nutritious breakfast that has been widely loved by locals. A bowl of porridge is full of fresh milkfish and the sweetness of oysters as well as flavor-enhancing celery, coriander and crispy garlic. Then add the fried dough sticks that are just perfectly crispy freshly made daily. This is a classic nutritious breakfast that has been waking up the Tainan Locals for decades. In addition to milkfish, there are tasty juicy meat and vegetable dumplings to choose from.

Monday off
Tuesday 05:00–13:00
Wednesday 05:00–13:00
Thursday 05:00–13:00
Friday 05:00–13:00
Saturday 05:00–13:00
Sunday 05:00–13:00

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