About Michelin

The star system was launched in 1933 with the aim of highlighting the most exceptional restaurants around the world.

| Here’s what the stars mean|

  1. One star:high quality cooking, worth a stop
  2. Two stars:excellent cooking, worth a detour
  3. Three stars:exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.
|  Michelin’s Bib Gourmand|


Initially, restaurants were flagged with a red “R” symbol to indicate our inspectors’ favorites and are establishments that our inspectors consider ‘good quality cooking for good value’, our focus is on value-for-money which forms a significant factor for all the establishments on the Bib Gourmand list. Namely, a three-course meal with starter, main course, and dessert, within a fixed price range (which today stands at €36 in most European cities, US$40 in American cities, HK400 in Hong Kong, and Y5,000 in Tokyo).

Bibendum has become a well-loved beacon for value-seeking diners looking out for good deals.

| Michelin Guide Selected |

Fresh ingredients, careful preparation, delicious food, and also represents a very good restaurant.

MICHELIN Guide Selected restaurants mean the establishment has met the criteria of our inspectors and has been selected in the guide, but may not meet the criteria for it to be awarded a star or a Bib Gourmand. This doesn’t mean the establishment won’t be a starred or Bib Gourmand restaurant in the future, as MICHELIN Selected restaurants are sometimes to be stars or Bib Gourmand in following years. This recognition replaces the phased-out MICHELIN Plate distinction. Every year, the chefs of these restaurants are invited to the award. The announcement time is the same day and on the official website, you can also find these selected restaurants from the “Guide Recommended List”. The list can be regarded as a potential star. Some star-rated restaurants are promoted from this recommended list every other year.

About the MICHELIN Guide Taipei & Taichung :https://guide.michelin.com/tw/en/about-michelin-guide-taipei-taichung